dentist in south delhi
dentist in south delhi dentist in south delhi dentist in greater kailash

Dentist in Greater Kailash, South Delhi

Dr Ekta Chadha is a Greater Kailash,South Delhi based celebrity smile designer, young and dynamic SMILE SPECIALIST with an excellent flair for aesthetic dentistry. Driven by conviction , she is one of those few names to reckon in the field of aesthetic dentistry in Delhi India. With 20 years of rich experience , at THE SMILE STUDIO DENTAL CLINIC,GREATER KAILASH she is bringing brighter whiter and smarter smile to not only her Indian clients but lot of South East Asian clients as well. "A better smile is worth giving a try, after all it is the first and best signature one carries along everywhere we go," says Dr Ekta Chadha. She is considered best dentist in South Delhi as rightly testified by her clients.

Root Canal in just one Sitting

Advent of technology in dentistry has made the traumatic painful treatment now possible. Get rid of your pain in few hours now.

Tooth Filling

Is your decayed tooth giving you nightmares, Why delay? Get your tooth the filling of your choice and budget.

Teeth Whitening

Does your smile embarrass you? Get introduced to our revolutionary teeth whitening treatment and brush off the embarrassment.

Preventive Dentistry

Does your full body check-up take care of your teeth? Prevention is better than cure, Get your teeth the protective shield.


Restore your beautiful smile and replace your missing teeth with natural looking implants. Get your teeth the lifelong prosthetic solution.


Are you ready to get straight teeth? Metallic braces is not the only solution, fashion your braces with the color of your choice.

Invisible Braces

If you don’t like the idea of wearing metal braces then INVISIBLE braces are the perfect solution. Look good even with braces.

Crowns & Bridges

Restore the appearance, shape of your fractured and missing tooth with cemented bridges and varied varieties of crowns.


It’s a comparatively economical and easy to maintain treatment. Helps you enjoy your food with hygienic healthy teeth.

Smile Correction

And when you smile let the world stop and stare at you. Get yourself the best smile makeover with the #1 Smile Designer

Cosmetic Dentist

Smile‘coz its contagious. Don’t be conscious , smile wide with confidence and be yourself. Consult the #1 Cosmetic Dentist.

Full Mouth Rehabs

Correct your imperfections and create a smile i.e. functional, comfortable and alluring. Get introduced to the art of Cosmetic Dentistry.


"Her Excellence in creating beautiful SMILES is second to None"

What her clients say !

"You have an excellent hand. "

dental clinic in south delhi

" Dr. Ekta made several implants for both of us. We have no problem, she put them again whenever they fell. She is all right. "

dental clinic in south delhi

" My experience in the clinic was very nice. First of all I was very nervous and then Dr. Ekta made me so comfortable and her team of doctors was very nice to me and my treatment went on smoothly and I got back my smile and the confidence of laughing freely. "

dentist in south delhi

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We are committed to provide outstanding customer service at our Dental Clinic in South Delhi.We with our team of dentists in Greater Kailash,help our patients of India and abroad achieve their optimal dental health.
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